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Oil, Gas, Coal field

Forouzan oil field, also known as Foroozan oil field, is located in the Persian Gulf, approximately 100 km south-west of Kharg Island, Iran

Formerly known as South Yolotan – Osman field, its a large natural gas field in Mary Province of Turkmenistan. It is the world’s second-biggest gasfield.

Its a large intra-cratonic basin, covering portions of Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

Ghawar is the largest conventional oil field in the world, and core to the oil production strategy of Saudi Arabia, but it is also well past its peak production phase.

Rakushechnoye, now known as the Grayfer offshore field, is Lukoil's 3rd field in Caspian Sea.

The Johan Sverdrup oil field located offshore the North Sea, about 140 km west of Stavanger, Norway.

Julia is one of the 1st large oil discoveries in the ultra-deepwater frontier of the Gulf of Mexico.

Karabakh is an offshore oil and gas field in the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, in the northern part of Absheron archipelago.

Located in the western part of Kazakhstan, the field produces oil, condensates and natural gas

Its a massive shallow-water oil field located approximately 80 km offshore Atyrau, Kazakhstan, in the North Caspian Sea.

Kharasaveyskoye gas and condensate field unique in its reserves,  in the north-western part of the Yamal Peninsula, 480 km north of Salekhard.

The field is located 80 km from the nearest settlement, in a zone of harsh climatic conditions

The field was discovered in 1970

Located on a previously undeveloped desert, work on the Khazzan tight gas project began in 2014 and the completed development will eventually contribute roughly a 3rd of Oman’s natural gas supply.

The field lies in the Irkutsk Oblast, around 400 km to the north of Irkutsk, in East Siberia.

The oil field is located in the Russian sector of the Baltic Sea

Leningradskoye gas and condensate field is located in the Kara Sea within the Leningradsky licensed block.

the field is located on the shelf of Israel

Russia`s 1st offshore gas production begun at the Lunskoye-A (LUN-A) ice-resistant platform

Located 60 km north of Basra, in southern Iraq, Majnoon is one of the richest oil fields in the world