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Kharyaga field

The field was discovered in 1970

Kharyaga field

The Kharyaga oilfield lies 60 km north of the Polar Circle in the Nenets Autonomous Territory in Russia’s oil-rich Timan-Pechora province.

Severe climatic conditions, including icy winds raging at close to -50°C and permafrost of up to 500 meters thick, as well as a complex carbonate reservoir, make production from Kharyaga challenging.
However, the field turned out to be a success story.

The Kharyaga is one of 3 Russian energy projects operated in line with a Production Sharing Agreement (PSA).
Zarubezhneft operates the production sharing agreement with a 30% interest.
Its partners are:
  • Equinor, 30%
  • Total, 20%
  • Nenets Oil Co., 10%
Kharyaga's reserves, estimated at 160.4 million metric tons (1.2 billion bbl) of oil, have been developed under a 29/33-year PSA since 1999.
The field`s production capacity is 21,000 barrels of oil per day.

For the Nenets Autonomous region, the profit oil from the Kharyaga project accounts for as much as 30% of the total regional budget revenues.

According to the results of 2020, a record volume (the 24-millionth ton of oil) was produced at the Kharyaginsky field.
In total, in 2020, the field produced 1,607 thousand tons of oil equivalent.