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Leviathan field

the field is located on the shelf of Israel

Leviathan field

Leviathan - the largest energy project in the history of the State of Israel – delivered first gas to the Israeli domestic market in December 2019 and exports to Egypt and Jordan in January 2020.

The platform topside decks – which are 102 meters long, 80 meters wide and weigh 25,000 tons – are located approximately 10 kilometers from the shore in a water depth of 86 meters.

Natural gas from the Leviathan field is transmitted through two 120-kilometer subsea pipelines directly to the Leviathan Platform.
Natural gas is processed at the platform before the treated gas and stabilized condensate flow from the platform through a northern entry pipeline connected to the INGL (Israel Natural Gas Lines) national gas transmission system, as defined in the National Outline Plan.

Connecting the Leviathan Platform to Israel via pipeline makes it possible for the Israeli energy sector to be based almost exclusively on electricity generated by natural gas – leading to a significant reduction in pollution and improved air quality in Israel.
In addition, for the first time in history, Israel will become a significant energy exporter.

Noble Energy made the first discovery offshore Israel in 1999 and has discovered 40 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of recoverable natural gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Mari-B delivered first domestic gas in 2004, and Tamar currently fuels 70 percent of the country’s electricity generation.
The Leviathan field, which holds 33 Tcf of natural gas resources in place (22 Tcf recoverable) and was discovered in December 2010, 125 kilometers west of Haifa, was one of the largest natural gas finds in the world in the last decade.
The Leviathan Partnership invested $3.6 billion in development of the Leviathan field. With a total production capacity of 1.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day (Bcf/d), Leviathan more than doubled the quantity of natural gas flowing to the Israeli economy today.

Leviathan by the numbers
  • 130 kilometers - distance of the gas field from shore (west of Haifa)
  • 1,700 meters - depth of the Leviathan wells to the seabed
  • 120 kilometers - length of the pipeline between the wells and the production platform
  • 98 meters - height of the platform foundation
  • 86 meters - depth of the water where the platform resides
  • 15,000 tons - weight of the platform foundation
  • 38,000 tons - weight of the platform's operational structure
  • 47 meters - height of the platform's upper level above sea level
  • 62 meters - height of the platform's landing pad above sea level
  • 10 kilometers - distance of the platform from shore
  • 5,000 meters below ground - drilling depth in the four Leviathan gas-producing wells
  • 26 months - time it took to manufacture the platform's operational components
  • 24 countries around the world manufactured parts for the platform
  • 160 Israeli companies participated in Leviathan's construction.