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Ukraine is a «geopolitical project of the West». Putin explained the attacks on the Nord Stream-2 project

The Nord Stream-2 project is still at the center of the current energy debate in Europe.
The pipeline under the Baltic Sea has been the subject of heated debate for years.

Ukraine is a «geopolitical project of the West». Putin explained the attacks on the Nord Stream-2 project

Moscow, February 17 - Neftegaz.RU. During the meeting via video conference with the leaders of Parliament factions, Vladimir Putin has expressed his opinion that the constant attacks on Nord Stream 2 are explained by attempts to force Russian authorities to pay for the West's geopolitical project in Ukraine.

Russian President said:
  • Why is everyone circling around Nord Steam 2? They want to force Russia to pay for their [Western] geopolitical project in Ukraine
  • That's all, in fact; everything is quite primitive, everything is simple. We have long understood this
In December 2019, US sanctions forced key pipelaying vessels to stop working on the project.
In response to the sanctions, President Putin said Russia could finish building the pipeline on its own but its completion would be delayed to up to the end of the 1st quarter of 2021.

Vladimir Putin hoped that US President-elect Joe Biden will not interfere with the implementation of the project.
But the position of the new U.S. administration remains identical to that of Donald Trump in terms of sanctions against Russian energy project. Video streaming software.
In fact, Joe Biden already opposed Nord Stream while serving a Vice President under Barack Obama.

The US said that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline would make Europe more dependent on Russian gas and hurt European energy security.
However, the U.S.’ efforts to enter the European market with its LNG are also behind the criticism.
Washington’s position is contrary to that of Berlin, which seeks to finish the project regardless of the position of the US.

Last week Head of Investor Relations at Gazprom Anton Demchenko said that construction of the gas pipe in in Danish territorial waters continues.
The work set to be completed in April 2021.
Experts suggest 94% of the pipelines have already been laid.

To read the full story in Russian.

Author: Denis Savosin

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