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Gazprom increases gas exports to Germany and Italy

Such major European consumers of Russian gas as Germany and Italy have now joined the list of countries (namely, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia) whose gas imports from Gazprom are already exceeding the totals for the year 2020

Gazprom increases gas exports to Germany and Italy

Source: Gazprom

St.Petersburg, November 15 - Neftegaz.RU. According to preliminary data, Gazprom produced 445 billion m3 of gas in the period from January 1 through November 15 of 2021.
This is 15.2 % (or 58.8 billion m3) more than in the same period of last year.

The company ramped up its domestic supplies from the gas transmission system by 16.5 % (or by 29.6 billion m3) over said period of 2021.

Gazprom increased its gas exports to the countries beyond the FSU to 164.8 billion m3, which is 8.3 % (or 12.7 billion m3) higher than the figure for the same period of 2020.
Specifically, the company increased its gas supplies:
to Turkey (+98.1 %)
Germany (+19.6 %)
Italy (+18.3 %)
Romania (+247.1 %)
Serbia (+92.9 %)
Bulgaria (+48.2 %)
Poland (+7.3 %)
Greece (+13.7 %)
Slovenia (+53.3 %)
Finland (+10.8 %)

Gas supplies to China via the Power of Siberia pipeline are growing.
Since early this month, they have been topping Gazprom's daily contractual obligations by over 30 % every day.
For instance, on November 7, supplies as requested by China hit a new peak, exceeding the company's daily contractual obligations by 35.4 %.

According to Gas Infrastructure Europe, underground gas storage facilities in Europe were filled to 74 % of their capacity as of November 13, with working gas inventories lagging behind last year's by 19.5 billion m3.
As much as 6.6 % of the amount of gas injected during the summer period has already been withdrawn from the facilities.

Notably, 5 daily records for withdrawal of gas from Europe's UGS facilities were broken between November 1 and 5, marking all-time highs for these dates in many years of observation.
The biggest record was set on November 3 at 345.2 million m3.

The inventories in Ukraine's UGS facilities are 37 % (or 10.3 billion m3) below the level of last year.
Gazprom continues to inject its gas into 5 European UGS facilities.

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