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Gazprom announced the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

The pipeline will contribute to meeting long-term needs of the European energy market for gas imports, improving secure and reliable gas supply

Gazprom announced the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

Source: Nord Stream AG

Moscow, September 10 - Neftegaz.RU. During a morning briefing at Gazprom, Alexey Miller, the company´s CEO, announced that construction work on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been fully completed at 8:45 am (Moscow time) earlier this morning.

The sections of the 2nd Nord Stream 2 pipeline laid from the German shore and Danish waters have been connected in an above-water tie-in.
The opposing pipe strings were lifted from the seabed by the lay barge Fortuna, and the pipe ends were cut and fitted together.

The welding to connect the 2 lines took place on a platform located above the water on the side of the vessel.
Then the connected pipeline was lowered to the seabed as one continuous string.

Afterwards, the required pre-commissioning activities will be carried out with the goal to put the pipeline into operation before the end of this year.
Earlier in July, A.Miller said:
  • Gazprom has always approached Nord Stream 2 as an economic project
  • It also aims to reduce the cost of gas for end consumers via a shorter transportation route that reaches Germany almost 2,000 km ahead of the route traversing the GTS of Ukraine
  • СО2 emissions from Nord Stream 2 are 5.6 times lower thanks to, among other things, a reduced number of compressor stations compared to the Ukrainian route
  • Gazprom has always stressed its readiness to continue transiting gas across Ukraine, including after 2024, based on economic viability and the technical condition of Ukraine's GTS
In August, Gazprom said that Nord Stream 2 might supply 5.6 billion m3 of gas to Europe this year.
Gazprom's estimate for throughput this year is roughly a 10th of the annual nameplate amount, suggesting that if the pipeline is pressured up in the autumn, then flows could start some time in November.

Nord Stream 2 could carry hydrogen in the future and would be ready to do so within 10 years.

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