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Poland’s PGNiG included in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline certification procedure

Critics of Nord Stream 2 argue, that the project will increase Europe’s dependence on Russian gas and extend the Kremlin’s influence on European politics

Poland’s PGNiG included in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline certification procedure

Source: Courtesy of PGNiG

Warsaw, September 23 - Neftegaz.RU. German network regulator BNetzA has granted Polish PGNiG and its German subsidiary PGNiG Supply & Trading (PST) the right to participate in the certification proceedings for Nord Stream 2.

PGNiG and PST are of the opinion that Nord Stream 2 AG does not meet the requirements for certification in the so-called of Independent Transmission Operator (ITO) model.
The ITO model enables the operator to operate despite the lack of full ownership separation from the owner-company involved in the production and supply of natural gas, in this case – Gazprom.

Both companies argue that a positive decision of the BNetzA would put at risk the security of supply of the EU and Member States.
PGNiG's CEO Paweł Majewski said:
  • The effects of our involvement in the Nord Stream 2 case show that we can defend our position effectively
  • In the certification proceedings, we will also seek to ensure that the owner of Nord Stream 2 cannot avoid the application of ownership unbundling requirements, 3rd party access and transparent tariffs which take into account the costs of the entire pipeline
  • We will prove consistently that Nord Stream 2 AG does not meet the formal and substantive requirements for the operator of the pipeline, in particular those relating to security of supply and the corporate structure of the company
PGNiG believes Nord Stream 2 AG and Gazprom want to gain a privileged position in the EU gas market.
Warsaw believes that there are no legal grounds for Nord Stream 2 AG to issue operator certification, and hence to launch the gas pipeline.

The EU countries mainly support the project and participate in its implementation.
The Baltic states, Poland, the USA and Ukraine are opposed.

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