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Lukoil delivered new consignment of medical equipment to Usinsk hospital

Lukoil delivered new consignment of medical equipment to Usinsk hospital

Moscow, August 21 - Neftegaz.RU. The third consignment of medical equipment, purchased with personal funds of the President of  Lukoil Vagit Alekperov, arrived in the city of Usinsk, Russia.

The consignment of 6 multi-purpose intensive care beds, delivered to support local health care, is intended for the Usinsk District Central Hospital.   

"Our hospital has received high quality and reliable equipment. As the intensive care beds come with 3 independent flexible sections, they guarantee comfort for patients and ease of use for medical personnel. A supporter of our hospital since the 1st day of the pandemic, Lukoil has been providing valuable contributions that are of critical importance for all of us – both the city residents and medical workers – especially in the tumultuous times of today," – Chief Medical Officer of the Usinsk District Central Hospital Maksim Churkin says.

The Usinsk Hospital, that has already received 50 types of equipment – ECG recorders, expendable items, personal protective equipment, used by medical staff to combat COVID-19, delivered early June, among them – expects 5 artificial lung ventilators to be delivered in the nearest future, too.

From day one of the fight against COVID-19, Lukoil has been lending its support to the Central District Hospital of Usinsk. The company helped to install in the infectious disease ward of the hospital a centralized oxygen and compressed air supply system and to create a hospital Wi-Fi network with unlimited Internet access.

Since 10th of April Lukoil has been fueling ambulances and hospital cars in the Republic of Komi free of charge.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Lukoil has donated more than RUB 652 million in 22 Russian regions and almost $900 000 dollars in its operation countries abroad to treat patients and fight the spread of the disease.