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«Save the Children» refuses $1 million Ukraine donation from Neptune Energy

Neptune Energy does not have any assets or employees in either Russia or Ukraine

«Save the Children» refuses $1 million Ukraine donation from Neptune Energy

London, March 24 - Neftegaz.RU. Save the Children» works in about 117 countries around the world.
Neptune Energy questioned the decision, adding the charity had been chosen by workers.

The charity rejected money from Neptune Energy after deciding earlier this month it would stop taking donations from companies whose core business is in fossil fuels.
The charity commented:
  • As an organisation we are committed to working on climate change issues for the foreseeable future
  • therefore, we are unable to accept this donation
  • We’ve changed our policy following a lead given by children all over the world who have protested about the threat the climate crisis poses to their future
Neptune Energy workers have been left «shocked, dismayed and left wondering whether their own personal donations will no longer be welcomed by Save the Children» after the charity rejected the donation for Ukraine.

Neptune, a private company chaired by the former Centrica CEO Sam Laidlaw, produced about 130 000 barrels of oil in 2021.
The company says it predominantly produces gas, while developing capabilities in hydrogen production, carbon capture and storage, and electrification.
It has said it aims to store more carbon than it and its customers emit by 2030.

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