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Kremlin «in the dark» about Western Nord Stream 2 agreements

US and Germany are said to have reached an agreement on how to maintain pressure on Russia in the European energy market

Kremlin «in the dark» about Western Nord Stream 2 agreements

Moscow, July 21 - Neftegaz.RU. The spokesman for Russian president Vladimir Putin said today that the Kremlin has no information on agreements made by Western states over Nord Stream 2, NGW reported.
Dmitry Peskov was quoted by Tass as saying his office is only vaguely aware of Western discussions.

Reuters reported that the US and German governments agreed to take action against Russia should it politicise its energy foothold in the European market through the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

This could include varying the amount of capacity onshore in Germany, as has been the case with the OPAL route.
Gazprom has refused to hold a gas release programme and so is not in compliance with European energy competition law.
D.Peskov said:
  • We know that a certain understanding has been reached between Berlin and Washington DC.
  • But we don't have any details
US president Joe Biden said during a recent meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel that Russia should not weaponise the pipeline.
Merkel said the pipeline is less about European energy security and more about ensuring a pro-Western government in Ukraine maintains access to the gas transit revenue from the vast network of Soviet-era pipelines running through its territory.

The US, meanwhile, argues that the pipeline jeopardises European energy security, although Russia claims it is only protecting the interests of its competing LNG exporters.
Washington has been reluctant to press its case further, however, as Nord Stream 2 is slated for completion in August.

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Author: Daniel Graeber

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