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Iraqi students and oil experts to pursue training at Azerbaijani Oil School

Despite the extraordinary challenges of war in recent years, Iraq has made impressive gains, nearly doubling the country’s oil production over the past decade

Iraqi students and oil experts to pursue training at Azerbaijani Oil School

Source: Pixabay

Baghdad, September 30 - Neftegaz.RU. Iraq’s minister of oil has reached an agreement to send Iraqi students & oil specialists to pursue education and training at Azerbaijan’s oil school, following his visit to the country, Iraq´s Rudaw reported.

Iraq’s oil minister Ihsan Abdul Jabar visited the Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) on Tuesday and met with the rector of the school Elmar Gasimov to discuss cooperation in the education sector.
A statement from the BHOS read:
  • The decision was made for Iraqi students to pursue education at the Baku Higher Oil School and to provide training for Iraqi specialists
  • Iraqi minister expressed interest in cooperating with the Oil School
  • He touched on the importance of expanding relations between both countries in education
Iraq is mainly dependent on oil for its economy.
In the 1st 6 months of 2021, the country pocketed $33 billion from oil exports.

The country holds one of the world’s largest amount of oil reserves.
However, the majority of the people working in the country’s oil industry consist of foreigners.

The Kurdistan Region’s ministry of natural resources recently started working on training local graduates to be able to take part in the industry in the future.
Kurdistan Region Minister of Natural Resources Kamal Atroshi told Rudaw in August:
  • That is one of my biggest goals and, as long as I live, it will remain - to have Kurds control the oil and gas industry of Kurdistan
  • Unfortunately after 15 years, we have nothing….We have put fresh graduates into the process with foreign experts

Author: Dilan Sirwan

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