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Russian Zarubezhneft celebrates the 5-th anniversary of Kharyaga project operatorship

The Kharyaga project is technically challenging, with complex geology, heterogeneous carbonate reservoirs, waxy oil and a high content of H2S in associated gas

Russian Zarubezhneft celebrates the 5-th anniversary of Kharyaga project operatorship

Naryan-Mar, August 4 - Neftegaz.RU. On August 1, 2021, was the 5-th anniversary of transfer of operatorship in Kharyaga PSA to the subsidiary of Zarubezhneft – Zarubezhneft-dobycha Kharyaga (ZNDK).

The Kharyaga field which is being developed on PSA terms is currently at its mature stage and is characterized by complex geologic conditions requiring special approach to its development.
Due to these peculiarities of Kharyaga, it was necessary for ZNDK to take into account the best practices of its predecessor Total Russie.

Oil production
Over 5 years, the operator managed to stabilize production at 1.5 million tons per year owing to the implementation of measures to maintain base production, involve low-permeability reservoirs in the development of reserves, improve the efficiency of technological processes and the process of new wells drilling, as well as reduce process losses during the operation of the existing well stock.
During this period, ZNDK produced more than 7 million tons of oil.

Igor Sidorov, General Director of ZNDK, said:
  • We are actively working to replenish the resource base
  • In 2018-2020 potential oil-bearing areas were identified on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of geological & geophysical information and attribute analysis of seismic studies
  • 4 production wells were drilled beyond the outline of proven reserves for the purpose of follow-up exploration
  • In addition, we have set a task to involve the undrilled low-permeability reserves of the Artinskaya deposit, which are estimated at more than 3 million tons, and the Alpha pack of the main Devonian development target into the development
Notable results have been achieved in drilling.
The company significantly increased the stock of oil wells in Kharyaga – from 37 to 61.
In 2020, a multilateral well was drilled at the field for the 1st time.

Gas program
In 2019 the reengineering of technological processes allowed ZNDK to begin commercial gas supplies to the Usinsk gas processing plant of LUKOIL-Komi for the 1st time.
During the period of operatorship the company increased the level of useful use of APG by almost 40% - from 24 to 62%.
To purify gas from hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, the operator's specialists have developed a unique technology that has no analogues in industrial applications.

Sergey Kudryashov, General Director of Zarubezhneft, noted:
  • Today the Kharyaga PSA is an example of a successful long-term international partnership with impressive performance: more than 25 million tons of cumulative oil production and $4.5 billion of total revenues contributed to the budget system of our country
  • As for the future prospects, we plan to continue to keep the production plateau at the current level and increase the APG utilization factor to 95%, incl. through the commissioning of additional facilities of our own power generation
  • The company is taking the 1st steps in a new direction connected with renewables: in April it was approved to carry out preparatory and design and survey work for the construction of a wind power plant at the Kharyaga field

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