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Equinor shuts down 4 fields off Norway due to strike

Equinor shuts down 4 fields off Norway due to strike

Oslo, October 5 - Neftegaz.RU. Strike action has forced Equinor to shut down production at 4 of its fields on the Norwegian continental shelf. Equinor said the Lederne trade union had “stepped up” its strike from Sunday midnight.

As a result of the escalation, Equinor has conducted a controlled closure of the Gudrun, Gina Krog, Kvitebjorn and Valemon fields. A total of 54 members of the trade union Lederne will be on strike at Gudrun, Gina Krog and Kvitebjorn.

The Valemon field must be shut down because it is linked to Kvitebjorn. Production at the Johan Sverdrup platform continues for the present. 43 members of Lederne have been on strike there since Wednesday morning.

The strike is the result of a breach of mediation in the negotiations between the employer organisation Norwegian Oil and Gas Association and the trade union Lederne.

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