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Russian TANECO celebrates the 10th anniversary of the commercial operation start

TANECO is a modern company of Russian Petroleum Refining industry within Tatneft group of companies, which is of strategic importance for development of Tatarstan economy

Russian TANECO celebrates the 10th anniversary of the commercial operation start

Source: Tatneft Press Office

Kazan, December 3 - Neftegaz.RU. More than 90 million tonnes of crude oil and 2.28 million tonnes of vacuum gas oil for the 3rd-party consumers have been processed over the 10 years period of the TANECO operation.
25 various installations have been commissioned at the Oil Refinery and Petrochemical Plants Complex since 2010, and the oil refining capacity has increased to 16.2 million tonnes per year.

Ilshat Salakhov, General Director of TANECO, said:
  • The success of the TANECO Complex was initially determined by the desire of the senior management of Tatarstan and TATNEFT to progressively develop the economy of the Republic and the country as a whole
  • The technologies and engineering solutions selected for the project are in line with modern global trends in oil refining
  • They have allowed us to work at a high technological level for 10 years, yield competitive products, and also have the potential for development for several more decades to come
2021 will be a record year in terms of the launched facilities number in the entire history of the TANECO Complex: 7 technological units.
A catalytic cracking unit has been commissioned in May of this year, which has made it possible to increase the production of gasoline by 545 000 tonnes to 1.6 million tonnes per year and the Euro-6 diesel fuel to 5 million 800 thousand tonnes per year.

The 3rd hydrogen production unit has been put into operation, which will provide raw materials for the production processes of the Complex’ 2nd stage.
They have also started commercial production of lubricants at TANECO: motor, transmission, hydraulic and other oil grades under the TANECO and TATNEFT brands.

The complex testing of a chemical water treatment unit was started in July, and it is required to ensure a stable supply of purified water for the second technological chain of the oil refining complex.

The plans provide for launching a gas fractionation unit, a 2nd delayed coking unit, and a catalytic isodewaxing unit for diesel fuel in the comprehensive testing mode in December.
They will allow increasing the volume of strongly-demanded oil petroleum products, as well as expanding the product suite.

The facilities of the Complex associated with the ELOU AVT-7 and ELOU AVT-6 installations were divided into two independent oil refining lines in 2021 to increase technological flexibility of the facility.
Subsequently, the fulfilment of these works will provide for continuous production with application of a key set of secondary processes.

At the same time, the depth of crude oil refining will be as high as 99.2%.
The number of the professional employees composing the TANECO team includes over 4400 people.

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