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Bitumen production at the Seydi oil refinery will provide an increase in the income of Turkmenistan

There are 2 oil refineries in Turkmenistan: in Turkmenbashy and Seydi. The country invested $900 mln in a number of projects designed to help increase refining capacity by 95% by 2030

Ashgabat, April 21 - Neftegaz.RU. The production and sale of high-quality bitumen at the Seydi Oil Refinery create conditions for the growth of the profitable part of the economy of Turkmenistan, says Central Asia expert Allaberdy Ilyasov.

An innovative technological plant for the production of road bitumen was previously launched at the Seydi Oil Refinery.
This technology, developed by the U.S. Westport Trading Europe Limited, makes it possible to produce road bitumen from oil according to the highest standards, which opens up new horizons for the development of the Turkmen oil & gas market.

The unit of the Seydi Oil Refinery is the 1st production in the country based on the process of viscosity breaking of crude oil.
The solution includes the processing of heavy oil residues, in fact, waste remaining after refining and obtaining components for the manufacture of basic petroleum products.

This technology makes it possible to obtain high-quality road bitumen that meets modern standards from oil with a high content of paraffins.
Ultimately, this makes it possible to carry out deep oil refining and increase the efficiency of using Turkmenistan's hydrocarbons.

Currently, Turkmenistan is rapidly building asphalt-concrete roads in the areas of oil & gas production.
The durability, strength and hydraulic stability of roads largely depend on the quality of the bitumen used.
Accordingly, the export of high-quality bitumen from Turkmenistan will also contribute to the national budget.

Source : Neftegaz.RU

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