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Rosatom: 2nd tier of internal containment shell installed on Akkuyu NPP Unit 2

The internal containment shell sections were manufactured at a steelworks in Leningrad region. Separate sections were delivered by sea from St.Petersburg to the Akkuyu NPP construction site where they were assembled into a single tier

Rosatom: 2nd tier of internal containment shell installed on Akkuyu NPP Unit 2

Mersin Province (Turkey), September 9 - Neftegaz.RU. The 2nd tier of the internal containment shell (ICS), which refers to the main components of the NPP's safety system, was installed in the reactor building of the 2nd power unit of Akkuyu NPP.

ICS ensures protection of the reactor compartment and acts as support for pipeline penetrations and the polar crane, which is used to carry out nuclear reactor maintenance operations at the NPP operation stage.

ICS consists of steel liner, which ensures leak-tightness of the reactor compartment, and special concrete.
2nd tier of the ICS is a welded metal structure consisting of:
  • 24 sections with 2 tiers each containing 12 sections
  • 6-m-high and 5-to-7-ton sections are welded to each other and assembled into a single cylindrical structure equipped with rebars and embedded parts
  • The total weight of this 12-m-hight structure is 321.9 tons, while its circumferential length is 138 m
Installation of an ICS tier is a complex and time-consuming operation.
Installation of the 2nd tier in the design position using Liebherr LR 13000 heavy crawler crane took 12 hours.

Upon installation of the 2nd tier, the height of the Unit 2 reactor building rose 12 m and reached 16.95 m elevation.
Afterwards the builders will weld the 1st tier and the 2nd tier to each other and carry out additional reinforcement and concrete pouring of the shell.

The thickness of concrete-enveloped walls of ICS cylindrical part will be 1.2 m.
Once installation of all components and concrete pouring of the containment are completed, it will be subjected to leak-tightness tests.

1st deputy CEO and director of the NPP under construction Sergei Butсkikh said:
  • Specialists have been assembling sections into single structure for several months, and prior to its installation all welded joints were subjected to ultrasonic testing to conform that there were no any defects
  • The internal containment shell tier pre-assembly technology proved itself during construction of Leningrad NPP-2
  • We used this method to install the 2nd tier and the 3rd tier of ICS at Unit 1.
  • There are ongoing works to build the reactor shaft in the Unit 2 reactor building
  • Floors are being reinforced in the turbine building
Pre-assembly of the ICS 2nd tier sections for Unit 2 started in mid-April 2021.
Rector buildings of Akkuyu NPP Power Units are equipped with 2-layer containment shells.
The external containment is built of reinforced concrete and designed to withstand any extreme external impacts, such as magnitude 9 earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, as well as their combinations.

Source : Neftegaz.RU

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