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Turkmenistan starts exporting electricity to Kyrgyzstan

In addition to cooperation in the energy sphere, the 2 countries have also increased trade and economic cooperation

Turkmenistan starts exporting electricity to Kyrgyzstan

Source: ©Flickr/Dave Proffer

Ashgabat, August 16 - Neftegaz.RU. According to Caspian news, Turkmenistan began exporting electricity to Kyrgyzstan this month under the deal signed by the ministers of the 2 countries.
The contract has been signed by Turkmen Energy Minister Charymyrat Purchekov and Kyrgyz Minister of Energy Doskul Bekmurzayev.

Under the document, Turkmenistan will export 502 million KWh of electricity to Kyrgyzstan from August to December 2021.
As part of the deal, Turkmenistan had already exported 19.2 million KWh of electricity to Kyrgyzstan as of August 9.

The agreement on the supply of electricity was reached during Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov’s visit to the Turkmen capital Ashgabat in June 2021.
The heads of the 2 countries agreed to create the Kyrgyz-Turkmen Development Fund with a charter capital of $100 million to support joint business projects.
Supplies of Turkmen gas and electricity to Kyrgyzstan during the autumn and winter period have also been discussed.

On July 2, Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan, Rashid Meredov and his Kyrgyz counterpart Ruslan Kazakbayev discussed electricity and gas supplies from Turkmenistan to Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan is planning to import natural gas from Turkmenistan due to a gas shortage in neighboring Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan delivered gas to Kyrgyzstan via the Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan-Kyrgyzstan-China gas pipeline.

The chief of the department of state policy in the electricity industry of Kyrgyzstan Marat Jeenbekov said:
  • We have no direct gas pipelines with Turkmenistan, but we can import gas through the territories of Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan because Turkmenistan has pipelines with these countries
Turkmenistan has vast oil & gas reserves, while Kyrgyzstan sits atop mines of gold, precious metals and rare earth metals.
In 2020, the 2 countries’ trade turnover reached $11.7 million, increasing by 15-30% compared to 2019.

Author: Orkhan Jalilov

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