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Uzbekistan started selling Turkmen gasoline ECO-93

Uzbekistan started selling Turkmen gasoline ECO-93

Tashkent, September 24 - Neftegaz.RU. For the 1st time, Turkmen gasoline of ECO-93 brand began to be exhibited at the Uzbek Republican Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange, the official website of “UzEX” reports.

According to the source, the starting price is 600,000 Uzbek soums ($ 58.7) per 100 kg. According to data from various sources, 100 kg of gasoline is more than 133 liters. The main supplier of products is Nara-Komfort Servis.

The production of environmentally friendly fuels from natural gas is carried out at a new plant in the Akhal region of Turkmenistan, which became operational in June 2019. The plant was built under a contract between Turkmengas State Corporation and a consortium of the Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the Turkish construction holding Rönesans.

According to the results of the tests carried out when using ECO-93 gasoline, the carbon monoxide content in the exhaust gases of the car is 0.03%, with the current norm not exceeding 0.5%. At the same time, no hydrocarbons are emitted in the vehicle exhaust.

When using ECO-93 gasoline, harmful emissions of sulfur oxide are reduced 50 times, nitrogen oxide - 5 times, carbon monoxide - 2 times, hydrocarbon - up to 20%. With regular refueling with ECO-93 gasoline, less carbon deposits form in the engine, which doubles its service life.

For 6 months since the start of operation, the gas chemical complex exported 63.100 tons of synthetic gasoline. Afghan buyers purchased about 60% of the export volume. About 7 000 tons of ECO-93 gasoline were sent to European countries.

Turkmenistan sells its petroleum products through the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange to the countries of Europe and Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region.

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