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Russian gas flows to Latvia via Luhamaa for 1st time since March

Gas use across the 3 Baltic states is small, Latvia's demand is estimated at some 1.5 Bcm/year

Russian gas flows to Latvia via Luhamaa for 1st time since March

Riga, May 5 - Neftegaz.RU. For the 1st time since the end of March, Russian gas started to flow to Latvia via the Luhamaa connection, according to information available on the website of Conexus Baltic Grid (Conexus) gas transmission operator.

Approved nominations and allocations totaled 104,000 KWh on Saturday and 3.2 GWh on May 1.
On May 2, nominations came to 3.2 GWh, but there was no information yet on allocations.

This, however, is a small volume of natural gas in comparison with gas volumes that used to flow through the connection until March 31.
In the 2nd half of March, the capacities of the approved nominations and allocations ranged from 24 GWh to 55 GWh per day.

Conexus representatives told LETA that as the unified gas transmission and storage system operator, the company provides access to infrastructure for the transportation and storage of gas, which is the traders' property.
The existing legislation does not ban gas supply from Russia and the choice of a gas supplier is up to the traders.

Conexus also noted that Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania (GIPL), a gas pipeline connecting Lithuania and Poland, was also launched on May 1.

This new connection broadens gas supply possibilities for the Baltic region, connecting the Klaipeda LNG terminal and the Finnish-Estonian connection Balticconnector.
As reported, the Saeima has approved amendments to the Energy Law banning Russian gas imports, but it is still not clear when exactly the ban might take effect.

The government has said that the ban might be enacted as of 2023.
It is expected that the issue will be decided during the 3rd and final reading of the draft legislation in the Saeima.

Source : Neftegaz.RU

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