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Naftogaz: Ukraine's new gas TSO gets key approval, could start January 1

Naftogaz: Ukraine's new gas TSO gets key approval, could start January 1

Kiev, November 27 - Neftegaz.RU. Ukraine is on track to have an independent gas transmission system operator (TSO) working from January 1 after its energy regulator approved a key draft certification, Platts reported. Ukraine has been pushing to have the new Gas TSO of Ukraine, GTSOU, ready to take over as soon as Gazprom's transit contract expires at the end of this year.

It wants to agree new transit terms with Gazprom based on EU rules, including unbundling the gas transit systemfully from parent Naftogaz. Gazprom will likely have to transit gas via Ukraine to European customers from January 1 as the start of its 55Bcm/year Nord Stream 2 alternative route project has been delayed by permitting problems to around mid-2020.

Ukraine's energy regulator has given GTSOU a preliminary certification of independence from parent Naftogaz, and sent a copy to the Energy Community Secretariat for confirmation. The Energy Community Secretariat plays a similar role to the European Commission for the non-EU countries, like Ukraine, which have signed up to apply EU energy market rules under the Energy Community Treaty.

Getting a speedy confirmation from the Energy Community Secretariat will enable Ukraine's regulator to take thefinal decision needed for GTSOU to start as an independent TSO from January 1, Naftogaz said.

"We are committed to completing the unbundling process properly and in time," Naftogaz CEO Andriy Kobolyev said. Ukraine's parliament has already approved giving the finance ministry autonomous decision-making powers over the GTSOU.

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