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R.Minnikhanov launched 2 new production facilities at the TANECO complex

R.Minnikhanov launched 2 new production facilities at the TANECO complex

Nizhnekamsk, April 20 - Neftegaz.RU. 2 new installations were commissioned at the TANECO Complex: hydrotreatment of heavy coking gas oil and extractive distillation with sulfolane. The launching of new operations in the central operator room of the complex was performed with participation of Rustam Minnikhanov, President of Tatarstan, Nail Maganov, Gen. Director of Tatneft and Aidar Metshin, Head of the Nizhnekamsk Municipal Region.

The new gas oil hydrotreatment unit was capable of producing modern ecologically friendly fuel that would comply with the requirements of MARPOL-2020 international convention for the prevention of pollution from vessels, and perform preparation of raw materials for the production of the motor fuel for vehicles with Euro-6 engines. The commissioning of this installation will allow reducing emissions of sulfur oxides into the atmosphere through exhaust gases by 47,000 tonnes per year.

The sulfolane plant will produce raw materials for the yielding of the high-octane component of motor gasoline brands. The commissioning of this unit will allow increasing the volume of the Euro-6 gasoline production by 30 000 tonnes per year and start producing up to 45 000 tonnes per year of the benzene-toluene fraction, which is a high-quality raw material for petrochemicals production.

Rustam Minnikhanov thanked the company for the efficient work: “We are now living in a difficult time of the coronavirus infection and problems in the economy. And the events like today ensure good attitude and desire to move forward”. Speaking about the projects being implemented by Tatneft, President of the Republic assured that all of them would be implemented in a timely manner.

Prior to starting the operation of new plants, Minnikhanov made a detour of the TANECO industrial site and got acquainted with the progress of construction and commissioning at the middle distillate and delayed coking installations. They demonstrated a line for the production of hygienic liquid for hands with antibacterial effect to President of Tatarstan. Tatneft organized the production of this popular product at the TANECO Complex to assist in countering the coronavirus infection within a short time.

During the detour, Minnikhanov emphasized that the coronavirus was an evil that was quickly transmitted, and Tatneft was fulfilling all the requirements to ensure safe work of the company’s employees and not only: “I thank the company for supporting the regions of Tatarstan with antiseptics, masks, protective suits, fuel. This is a very big job”.

During a detour of the TANECO site, Maganov suggested to Minnikhanov create a unified volunteer movement in Tatarstan. A new association “The help is nearby!” with participation of youth, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations would cover the whole Republic and direct its efforts to real assistance to people. Gen. Director of Tatneft handed over a batch of antiseptics produced at the Nizhnekamsk Oil Refining Complex, as a gift to volunteers, and assured that he would provide maximum assistance to volunteers in ensuring safe and efficient work.

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