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High-rise pipeline installation works were carried out at the TANECO complex

High-rise pipeline installation works were carried out at the TANECO complex

Kazan, April 6 - Neftegaz.RU. Another unique construction operation was carried out at the TANECO Complex. Over 3,000 tonnes of the 1.8 m diameter pipelines were installed by the employees of StroyMontazh-Engineering under the floor structure at the altitude of 30 m above the ground.

This work was the next step in the installation of the acid gas pipeline, which would connect the TANECO’s flare farm with a number of new facilities, including hydrotreatment units for middle distillates, hydrogen production, hydrocracking, and tar hydroconversion facilities.

The total length of the new flare line will be more than 5 km. The 2 km long pipeline of 1.8 m diameter had to be practically “implanted” into the body of a 3 meters high flyover mounted under the ceiling. The work was completed in 3,5 months record-breaking time instead of 8 months according to plan. The coordinated work of professionals representing URPS of Tatneft, TANECO, StroyMontazh-Engineering and subcontracting organizations contributed to coping with the challenge successfully.

On the whole, there were about 1,5 km access roads laid and storage areas of ​​16,000 sq m were built. Laying of ​​more than 16,000 sq m flooring on a flyover with an was performed to ensure uninterrupted work performance at an altitude. There were more than 10 units of special equipment were mobilized, including such heavy ones as the 400-tonnes Liebherr crane.

The technology of orbital welding for the 1st time introduced at the TANECO’s NP and NPP Complex significantly contributed to the reduction of the construction time. Application of this method requires high professional skill, availability of special equipment and certification. The application of the domestically develop and implemented automatic welding machine UAST-1 allows performing more complex work significantly increasing the quality of butt welding.

Currently, there are about 300 persons involved in the work performance at the facility.

The organization of work and ensuring the safety and health of the personnel involved, including the contractors, are arranged taking into account all necessary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection through continuous monitoring by the company’s responsible services.

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