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Belorusneft's northern asset in Russia reveals ambitious plans to increase gas extraction

Specialists describe Oil Company Yangpur as the driver of growth of Belorusneft's daughter enterprises in Western Siberia.

Belorusneft's northern asset in Russia reveals ambitious plans to increase gas extraction

Minsk, January 20 – Neftegaz.RU. Oil company Yangpur, a northern asset of the Belarusian Belorusneft, intends to increase gas extraction up to 1 billion m3 per annum.
The amount would suffice to satisfy the domestic demand in Belarus, BelTA reported.

In 2020 Yangpur extracted 215,000 tonnes of oil and over 870 million m3 of associated gas and natural gas.
The figures are the largest ones on record since the company's foundation.
Despite the pandemic-related complications the company operated successfully in 2020.
It intends to increase the record high figures even more.

According to Yangpur Director Aleksandr Polyakov:
  • In 2020 the company arranged the geological exploration of the Zapadno-Izvestinskaya area, geotechnical work at the Osenneye field and other fields
  • Our daily extraction potential is 3.5 million m3 of natural gas
  • Extraction is actually not a problem now but the throughput capacity of the gas pipelines is as well as access to the Gazprom system, which limits gas transportation volume
  • Our potential is being evaluated, by how much we can increase our share in the Gazprom system
Yangpur's gas division demonstrated the fastest growth in 2020. Natural gas extraction tripled. The Metelnoye oil, gas and condensate field, which was discovered in 2015, accounts for the bulk of the output.

Infrastructure was also built rapidly. A gas field was commissioned in 2019. The 3rd gas treatment process line has already been built as well as a gas well condensate stabilization installation at the 2nd line and infrastructure at the 3rd well cluster. It is the 3rd well cluster that produces the bulk of the output of the Metelnoye field. It allowed selling extra 1 million m3 of natural gas per day to the Gazprom system.

At present the Metelnoye oil, gas & condensate field operates 11 wells. The assets produce 3 million m3 of gas per day and over 240 tonnes of gas condensate. “While the main major gas and gas condensate deposits have already been successfully commissioned, it is the 1st time an oil deposit has been found at the Metelnoye field. It happened last year. It produces 20 tonnes of oil per day,” the Belorusneft press service explained.

Yangpur has represented Belorusneft on the Russian market since 2013. Yangpur performs geological surveying, exploration, and extraction of hydrocarbon resources from fields in the Izvestinsky licensed site and the Yuzhno-Tydeottinsky licensed site in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

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