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Tatarstan's President started up a new diesel fuel production facility at TANECO

Tatarstan's President started up a new diesel fuel production facility at TANECO

Nizhnekamsk, December 22 - Neftegaz.RU. Startup of the middle distillate hydrotreater will increase the production of Euro-6 diesel fuel by 3.6 million tonnes/year.
The ceremonial launch of the new production took place in the central control room of the TANECO Oil Refining Complex with the participation of Rustam Minnikhanov, President of Tatarstan, Nail Maganov, Gen. Director of TATNEFT, and Aydar Metshin, Head of Nizhnekamsk.

The middle distillate hydrotreating unit (GOSD) had been designed for the annual processing of 3.7 million tonnes of feedstock (straight-run kerosene and diesel fractions, cracked distillate fractions) from primary and secondary oil refining units.
The project implementation took 3 years.
Capital investments in the construction of the unit amounted to RUB 16.1 billion.
In general, the total investments in the implementation of the TANECO project amounted to about RUB 400 billion.

Rustam Minnikhanov said:
  • Despite all the difficulties, TATNEFT Group ends the year with dignity.
  • The projects implemented at the Complex are very important for the economy of both TATNEFT and our entire Republic.
95 % of the unit’s high-tech equipment was manufactured in Russia.
The equipment suppliers were such enterprises as Izhorskiye Zavody, ENA, Aliter-Aksi, Volgogradneftemash, Bugulma Mechanical Plant, Izhevskkhimmash, etc.

Commissioning of the GOSD unit will increase the annual production of diesel fuel that meets environmental standards for Euro-6 engines to 7.6 million tonnes/year (by 2.89 million tonnes) and will make it possible to additionally produce up to 350 000 tonnes/year of jet fuel.
Along with the target products, the unit will allow producing naphtha (feedstock for petrochemicals).

Hydrotreating technology minimizes the sulfur and aromatics content to the level of modern acceptable international standards.
This allows extending the life of the vehicle and reducing emissions.

Nail Maganov, General Director of TATNEFT noted:
  • We have commissioned 4 new high-tech installations at TANECO this year.
  • Despite the difficult situation in the global and domestic economies, we carry out investment programs in the area of oil refining in full.
  • The company manufactures and delivers only high quality and environmentally friendly products to the end consumers.

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