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The reactor pressure vessel VVER-TOI for Unit 1 delivered to Kursk 2 construction site

The transportation of the super-heavy off-standard load was logistically complicated

The reactor pressure vessel VVER-TOI for Unit 1 delivered to Kursk 2 construction site

Moscow, September 21 - Neftegaz.RU. Having travelled for 1 800 km, the «atomic heart» – the reactor pressure vessel VVER-TOI – has arrived at Kursk 2 construction site in Kurchatov.
This is the most essential equipment of Unit 1.

At the stage of NPP operation, nuclear fuel is located inside the reactor pressure vessel and controlled nuclear reaction runs releasing large amount of heat there.
The reactor pressure vessel VVER-TOI is 12-meter long and weights 340 tons.

It is made of nickel-less steel which does not change its properties under radiation and at high temperatures.
The vessel is capable to withstand pressure of 250 atmospheres that 1.4 times greater than operating one.
This is comparable to ocean pressure at a depth of 2.5 km.

Andrei Osharin, 1st Deputy Director for New Units Construction of Kursk NPP, noted:
  • The reactor pressure vessel VVER-TOI has its features
  • For example, unlike the reactor pressure vessel VVER-1200, the number of welds there has been reduced from 6 to 4: welds in the core region are eliminated
  • This reduces radiation impact on welds and improves performance characteristics of the item which allows to extend its service life for another 40 years after 60-year operation
The Engineering Division of ROSATOM – ASE – designs and constructs the facility.
They meet all safety requirements of the IAEA.

Oleg Shperle, Director Kursk 2 Construction Project, emphasized:
  • Now, we start working on auxiliary and support facilities, continue constructing main buildings and structures
  • The near-term task is to prepare the transportation and handling devices for installation of the reactor
  • The installation of the reactor pressure vessel at its designed place will launch a new stage of construction, i.e. the beginning of thermal and mechanical equipment installation works at Unit 1
  • This is scheduled for 2022
This is a new project created by Russian architects on the basis of technical solutions of the NPP project with VEER-1200 reactors.
They have higher power capacity, performance indicators and higher robustness to extreme external impacts and natural disasters.

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