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Gazprom promoting breakthrough ideas in energy sector

Gazprom promoting breakthrough ideas in energy sector

Moscow, December 16 - Neftegaz.RU. The Global Energy Association, an international organization co-founded by Gazprom, presented its 1st annual report “Ten Breakthrough Ideas in Energy for the Next 10 Years” written by academics from Russia, the UK, Italy, and Iran.

The report outlines the key ideas of studies aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of energy industries, including by developing energy efficiency and energy conservation practices.

For instance, the section entitled “Smart grids” describes the use of digital technologies for increasing efficiency and reliability of power generation and distribution. The section named “Hydrogen energy” discusses the use of hydrogen in electricity production and as a vehicle fuel. The section “Power to gas, P2G” focuses on the use of surplus electricity for producing methane or hydrogen, thus allowing for seasonal energy storage.

“In terms of economic efficiency, the ideas presented in the report are far behind traditional energy. The need for hydrocarbons in the petro- and gas chemistry industries will not go away. But these are promising ideas for reducing СО2 emissions and building well-balanced energy systems and integrated energy companies,” said Sergey Brilev, President of the Association.

“The ideas presented in the report could pave the way for new approaches to change the structure of global energy consumption. Gazprom is actively developing and introducing innovations. Energy of the future needs to be clean, affordable, and of course efficient. Today, the use of natural gas is the optimal way to cut down emissions. Later on, we will focus on producing hydrogen from natural gas with no СО2 emissions,” said Alexey Miller, CEO of Gazprom.

Global Energy, the Association for the development of international research and projects in the energy sector, is a non-governmental organization created in 2002 with the goal of advancing and supporting innovations in the field of energy, as well as promoting energy cooperation.

Together with academics and specialists, Gazprom develops sustainable development scenarios for the company up to 2050 taking into account the low-carbon trend in the global economy. These scenarios will define long-term climate goals.

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