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Saryarka gas pipeline construction to be finished in December, will begin supplying gas in 2020

Saryarka gas pipeline construction to be finished in December, will begin supplying gas in 2020

Nur-Sultan, September 12 - Neftegaz.RU.
Construction of the Saryarka gas pipeline, which will increase the gas supply to the capital, central and northern regions will be finished in December and begin supplying gas in 2020, announced the Kazakh Ministry of Energy, Astana Times reported.

The 1,061-km pipeline is 75 % completed and being built at a pace of 8 km per day. It will supply gas to 1.7 million people in 171 communities.

“All the main works on the construction of the Saryarka gas pipeline are being carried out on schedule,” Director of the Gas & Petrochemicals Department of the Ministry of Energy Ziyash Kiyakbaev said.

“The counter flow has already welded approximately 23 km of pipes. The 1st hydraulic tests were successfully carried out on the 240-km and the 360-km sections of the gas pipeline. Concurrent work is being done to isolate the welds,” Kiyakbaev said.

According to the official, despite some works being behind schedule, the construction of the gas pipeline and all 5 automated gas distribution stations, as well as one distribution station and a control point will be finalised in December.

The building phase of the pipeline created 2,000 jobs and 200 jobs are expected to be created to operate the pipeline. The pipeline is also expected to help the environment in Nur-Sultan.

Approximately 192 private and 48 communal boiler plants, 22,000 private residential buildings as well as thermal power boilers are expected to switch to gas. In the future, the coal-fired Thermal Power Plant-3 will also switch to gas. This is expected to improve the air quality in the city during the winter.

It is estimated that harmful emissions into the atmosphere caused by coal-fired thermal plants and boiler plants will decrease by 35,000 tonnes per year, and that coal usage will decrease by 650,000 tonnes upon completion of the gas pipeline.

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