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Mansouri field

The oil field is located 60 km south of Iran´s Ahvaz (the provincial capital of Khuzestan), 50 km west of Mahshahr Port and 40 km east of Ab Teimour field.

Mansouri field

Discovered in Iran in 1963, Mansouri field started production in 1973.
The 1st well in the Mansouri field was drilled in 1963 to allow for oil recovery from the Asmari reservoir.

Mansouri field has an estimated 3.1 billion barrels of oil in place.
The high rate of recovery from Mansouri has added to the significance of this field.

The latest studies indicate that the average rate of recovery from oil fields in Iran is about 28%, while the Asmari reservoir of Mansouri has a recovery rate of 47%, which is indicative of the high potential of this oil field.

The Mansouri field is administered by Karoun Oil and Gas Production Company that is the largest subsidiary of NISOC with an output of over 1 mb/d.

Mansouri was among fields proposed for development under the Iran Petroleum Contract (IPC) model, the restructured model of oil contract.

Iran’s petroleum industry, particularly National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC), over recent years, has focused on the development of Mansouri in order to increase its crude oil output and enhance its processing capacity.

The project is 97.5% complete now.
The only remaining section from phase 1 of Mansouri field development is the completion of production and desalination plant.

Russian Lukoil was in talks with Iran to develop the Mansouri oil field, but had to put plans on hold in late 2018 after the US pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions on the country's oil industry.