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Oil and gas industry

The project will be a major step for the Russian LNG market. In 2018 Russia was responsible for 8% of the global LNG market; the country aim to increase that to 20% by 2035.

The final sector of the oil and natural gas industry is known as downstream. This includes everything involved in turning crude oil and natural gas into thousands of finished products we depend on every day.

Its the process that includes searching and extracting oil and natural gas under water or underground

Its the controlled burning natural gas during oil & gas exploration and production activities

The process whereby separated associated gas is pumped back into a reservoir for conservation purposes or to maintain the reservoir pressure

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas that has been cooled down to liquid form for ease and safety of non-pressurized storage or transport.

Its a term used to describe one of the three major stages of oil & gas industry operations

Natural gas is an ideal fuel for vehicles. On average, the carbon footprint for an NGV will be 25 to 28 % less than its gasoline or diesel-powered equivalent

Its a hole dug into the Earth that serves the purpose of bringing oil or other hydrocarbons - such as natural gas - to the surface

This segment is also known as the exploration and production (E&P) sector