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Beloyarsk NPP

The plant is situated in Russian Sverdlovsk region, approximately 60 km east of Ekaterinburg and close to the Ural mountain range

Beloyarsk NPP

The Beloyarsk NPP (part of Rosatom) began operating in April 1964.
The plant, named after I. Kurchatov, was the eldest nuclear plant in the USSR.

A comfortable modern town Zarechny has been built for the constructors and employees of Beloyarsk NPP on the shore of a lake amidst picturesque pine woods.
The town has a college that trains nuclear power engineers.

The Beloyarsk NPP is Russia’s only power plant with power units of various types.
The plant was constructed in 3 stages:
  • Stage 1 - power units № 1 and № 2 with AMB reactor
  • Stage 2 – power unit № 3 with BN-500 reactor
  • Stage 3 – power unit № 4 with a new BN-800 reactor featuring 885 MW installed capacity
After 17 and 22 years of operation, power units № 1 and № 2 were stopped in 1981 and 1989 respectively.
They are now in a long-term conservation mode with the fuel unloaded from the reactor.
In terms of international standards, they are at the 1st stage of NPP decommissioning.

The Beloyarsk NPP runs 2 power units with BN reactors.
The plant hosted one of the key events of the year in the national nuclear power industry - the brand-new power unit № 4 with BN-800 fast breeder reactor (885 MW installed capacity) was put into commercial operation on October 31, 2016.

In January 2020, BN-800, the world’s most powerful operational fast neutron reactor at Unit 4 of Beloyarsk NPP in Russia, has been loaded with the 1st serial batch of MOX fuel made of depleted uranium and plutonium oxides.

In February 2021, Power unit № 4 with the BN-800 reactor has been connected to the grid and resumed operations upon completion of the scheduled maintenance.
For the 1st time the refueling has been carried out with uranium-plutonium fuel only.
Thus, the BN-800 core is now 1/3 filled with innovative fuel.
From now on, only MOX fuel will be loaded into this reactor.