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Mineral geology

Drilling into overpressured strata can be hazardous because overpressured fluids escape rapidly, so careful preparation is made in areas of known overpressure.

Basin - a large, natural depression on the Earth’s surface

HTR refers to reserves trapped between layers of rock which cannot be accessed using conventional, vertical drilling. It requires techniques including drilling horizontal wells and fracking, similar to methods used to extract shale gas and shale oil.

The Jamin Effect is defined as that resistance to liquid flow through capillaries which is due to the presence of bubbles.

Lithium was discovered from a mineral, while other common alkali metals were discovered from plant material. This is thought to explain the origin of the element’s name; from ‘lithos’ (Greek for ‘stone’).

Its the general characteristics of sediments, rocks, and rock types present in a stratigraphic division of earth

Seismic survey is a method used during the exploration phase of oil and gas development. The method gives a first idea of what is present underneath the earth’s surface.

Its a multivalent non-metal, abundant, tasteless and and odorless. It is recognizable because of its yellow color. Sulfur is dangerous when mixed with oxygen or hydrogen.