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The characteristic of oil refining branch of Republic Bashkortostan

The characteristic of oil refining branch of Republic Bashkortostan

Into structure "Bashneft" enters over 80 enterprises of a various structure. In the company — 75 thousand shareholders, stock capital makes 204,8 billion roubles. A structural basis: 9 oil and gas extraction managements, 4 managements of chisel works, 2 geological searching offices, 2 gas processing factory, 2 factories of the oil-field equipment, research and design institutes. Joint-stock company "Bashneftechem" are included into the three of the largest oil refining companies of Russia and processes on the capacities of 12 % of oil raw material of Russia. On volume of manufacture of basic production of oil refining: automobile gasoline and diesel fuel the Company takes the second place in Russia (13 %). On volume of manufacture high-octane gasolines to us are not present equal Russia: share “Bashneftechem” makes 18 %. On other products the role of the Company in the all-Russian oil market is characterized with the following figures: the share in manufacture of oils on results of 2000 makes 12,5 %, aromatic hydrocarbons — 25 %, polythene — 15 %, polypropylene — more than 40 %, ethanol — 50 %, phenol and acetone — 30 %. Depth of processing of hydrocarbonic raw material at the enterprises of jointstock company "Bashneftechem" in 2000 has exceeded 70 %-s' boundary. Each interest of depth of oil refining allows to receive additional profit about 200 million roubles per one year. In 2000 for the first time for last years it was possible to achieve a 20-million boundary on volume of processing of oil raw material. In conditions of redundancy of processing capacities in Russia, it became possible due to flexibility of the created technological circuit, allowing to process oil raw material of various quality: from traditional sulphurous West-Siberian and high sulfur content Arlano-hekmagushevskikh oils up to Karachagan gas condensate with the high contents merkaptane sulfur, average distillates and oil-gasoil fractions. Additional inflow of oil is provided with granting of conditions of contracts favourable to suppliers for processing their raw material. Oil refining at the Ufa factories is especially attractive to suppliers that high quality production and wide assortment here is developed, joint-stock company "Bashneftechem" is the owner of such modern complexes, as ELOU-AVT-6, installation catalytic creaking, a complex on manufacture of aromatic hydrocarbons. Complex Hydrocracking, the updated complex reforming L-35-11/1000, a complex on manufacture of polypropylene are unique. Due to a complex catalytic creaking vacuum gasoil (G-43-107/m) the opportunity of reception of gasoline AI-92 from intermediate products of other manufactures has appeared. The unique, unique complex in Europe catalytic reforming, adapted to work with a wide spectrum of hydrocarbonic raw material, allows to receive high octanic gasolines of a extra-class. Hydro creaking complex allows to develop practically sulfur free diesel fuel, meets the highest world requirements of quality.
Cleanliness of "Bashneftechem” orto-ksilole, developed on a complex on manufacture of aromatic hydrocarbons, exceeds the European analogues on essential half-interest due to what this product is in great demand in the world market. The Company has basis to be proud of world quality and ecological cleanliness of production. A special subject of pride of company "Bashneftechem" — manufacture of the motor oils which are not making a concession to import analogues, and on some parameters even surpassing expensive import analogues. Oil "Novoil-Super-T" has passed serious tests in firm "Mercedes-Benz" and has received the admission to application in all automobiles descending from conveyors of this concern.
The big attention is given the further technical perfection of manufacture. So, on Ufa ORP in 2000 reconstruction of the vacuum block of installation AVT- 6 was made, mechanical clearing constructions are started up in operation. Construction is completed and is entered into operation pour-out-bulk trestle "Elin" on joint-stock company " New — Ufa ORP " by productivity of 10 thousand tons per day for railway tanks with tight in bulk light mineral oil. High computerized installation is equipped with an electronic computer control system, provides high accuracy of the account of poured and shipped production, environmental characteristics and safety of operation. Large works on modernization of working manufactures vis-breaking on joint-stock company “Ufaneftechem" and joint-stock company "New — Ufa ORP” pirolise manufactures on joint-stock company “Ufaorgsintez”.
On joint-stock company "Ufaneftechem" the technological line on manufacture of woven laminated poli-propilene bags of various updatings by capacity 20 million pieces per one year is put into operation, In 2000 of the enterprise of the Company have paid the debts which have collected for the last years before the budget and now in full carry out the current tax payments. Effective work of the company and maximal use of favorable economic market condition have allowed not only to pay debts to the budget, but also for the first time for all time of existence of joint-stock companies to make the decision on payment of dividends to all owners of shares. The previous years payment was made only to owners of preference shares. The most valuable, that is at the Company are people, professionals of the affair. Middle age working makes 40 years. Debts on wages to the workers at the enterprises of the Company are not present 3 years. The orientation of all industrial-technological activity of the Company on improvement of quality of production according to working domestic and international standards has allowed to increase its competitiveness considerably. In 2000 manufacture and technology of preparation gasolines “Premium-95", "Regular-9-1" is adjusted, "Normal — 80" and admissions to their manufacture on GOST are received, in which on a mass fraction of sulfur up to 0,05 % (reduction restrictions are entered into 2 times) and on a parameter " a volume fraction of benzene " up to 5 %. Manufacture and realization of diesel fuel with sulfur up to 0,1 % is begun. The industrial- technological circuit is organized and admissions to manufacture of diesel fuel non-polluting with the contents of sulfur up to 0,05 % are received. In 2000 release over 20 names of new kinds of production is mastered: diesel fuel, oils, the consumer goods.