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Schlumberger introduces cutting-edge intelligent wireline formation testing platform

Schlumberger introduced the Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform at the SIS Global Forum 2019 in Monaco. The platform leverages a new architecture and metrology for enhanced performance, enabling dynamic reservoir characterization in all conditions, including where previously impossible.

Schlumberger introduces cutting-edge intelligent wireline formation testing platform

The Ora platform is rated to 200 degC (392 degF) and 35,000 psi and includes a new focused radial probe, a dual-inlet dual packer, laboratory-grade metrology, new measurements, and the highest flow rate pump in the industry.

The digitally enabled hardware can automate complex workflows, reduce operating time by more than 50% and deliver the highest precision fluid analysis and zero contamination samples. Furthermore, deep transient testing is now possible on wireline. The platform is built on a digital infrastructure, providing a new customer experience, enabling real-time decisions in a cloud-native environment.

“Characterizing dynamic reservoir properties is becoming more critical and difficult than ever as drilling for hydrocarbons is moving towards complex geologies and challenging environments. Moreover, analyzing this data to make business decisions can take weeks if not months,” said Djamel Idri, president, Wireline, Schlumberger.

“The Ora platform was built to address these challenges, with new wireline formation testing hardware and digital edge solutions enabling our customers to make faster and better decisions.”

The Ora platform has successfully completed more than 30 field trials worldwide in a variety of operating environments in the North Sea, US Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Middle East, North Africa, and Central America. In Mexico for Pemex, the Ora platform was the 1st ever wireline formation tester to collect high-quality gas condensate samples in a challenging carbonate formation with permeability below 0.03 mD and 182 degC (360 degF) at 20,000-psi pressure. This helped Pemex announce the tripling of estimated reserves for Mexico’s most important land discovery in the last 25 years.

In deepwater Gulf of Mexico for Talos Energy, the Ora platform obtained high-quality downhole fluid analysis data in a challenging well geometry, which was immediately integrated and visualized in the reservoir context. The reservoir model was then updated using a bespoke Schlumberger reservoir fluid geodynamics workflow, enabling real-time assessment of lateral and vertical connectivity for early completions decisions.