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What is the importance to work with certified ATEX products?

What is the importance to work with certified ATEX products?

Source: PELI

Moscow, 18 feb - ИА Neftegaz.RU. ATEX, means Explosive Atmosphere, it results from a mixture with air of combustible substances (flour, wood dust, solvent vapors, gas), in proportions such that a sufficient source of ignition of energy produce its explosion or inflammation. The explosion, unlike the fire, is an almost instantaneous combustion. It causes a significant blast effect, accompanied by flames and heat. This type of explosion obviously has serious consequences for both humans and equipment. They are few in number compared to other work-related accidents, but their gravity is much greater, up to the deaths of people at the scene.

ATEX regulations are a couple of EU directives that define standards (health and safety requirements and conformity assessment procedures) for any equipment that is intended for use in Hazardous Areas. Understanding the regulations and standards by which industrial equipment should be approved in order to operate in a hazardous area is fundamental to ensuring the safety of personnel and property. Through rigorous testing, a piece of equipment is assigned an area classification, division or zone, equipment group, and temperature class.

«We are aware of the risks incurred by people using our products, that is why our first concern when designing a product is worker’s safety, we take regulations very seriously.»
Greg Kang, Director of Product Development for Lights at Peli Products.

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What are the latest Peli’s news in term of ATEX products?

Peli is proud to announce that the RALS 9455Z0 received global certification. It is the first lighting system in the world for access remote area light to obtained three global safety certificates: ATEX European Zone 0 (Cat.1), IECEx ia and CI, D1. This RALS is the safest product in its range.


The 125° beam angle along with up to 1,600 lumens and providing up to 10 hours of run time, the 9455 will support full work shifts and deliver safe situational awareness. Weighing only 8 kg and completely collapsible, makes for easy carry and quick set ups. The dual light modes, High/Low provide flexible options and is equipped with a 30 minute visible low battery warning indicator.


Peli Products, has introduced its slimmest AAA ATEX safety certified torches - the Peli 1975Z0 & 1975Z1 LED penlights. These compact and handy torches are designed for use in hazardous areas where explosive atmospheres could be present, such as oil & gas, petrochemical industries, pharmaceutical companies, petrol stations, power plants and for professionals working in fire & rescue brigades, aircraft inspection/aviation and production plants on chemical sites. Engineered with an aluminum core and a nearly indestructible polymer shell, the 1975Z0 boasts ATEX Zone 0 (Category 1) safety certification and its body and shroud are made of anti-static impact modified PC/PBT, while the 1975Z1 is certified for ATEX Zone 1 (Category 2) and it’s built of ABS overmoulded polymer. They can survive tough environments and are designed for safe usage in nearly any area, including those where flammable materials, gasses and accelerants are present.


Adding to its ATEX safety-certified lighting options, Peli™ Products has introduced the unique ATEX Zone 0 (Category 1) compliant Peli™ 3315RZ0 and 3315RZ0-RA torches with 300% more life expectancy.

These new LED lights are powered by a revolutionary lithium ion rechargeable battery that provides a life expectancy of over 2,000 cycles, 4 times more than the 500 cycles that batteries usually last. Moreover, the 3315RZ0 and 3315RZ0-RA are engineered for use in Zone 0 hazardous environments, which makes them the perfect choice for professionals working in Oil & Gas, Fire & Rescue, Offshore, Mining, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, among other hazmat industries.

Both lights boast an ingress protection level of IPX7, protecting against the harshest outdoor conditions. These new additions to the lighting line come with Peli’s legendary lifetime guarantee (where applicable by law).


Peli™ Products, introduces its new safety approved headlamp, the 2765Z0 LED. Peli’s new safety approved headlamp is designed for use in hazardous environments. Apart from being certified to highest ATEX Category, Zone 0 (Cat. 1) is ultra-compact and lightweight, weighting only 96 gr with batteries.

Equipped with three uniquely positioned LEDs, it produces up to 105 lumens and provides up to 9 hours of run time. The Peli 2765Z0 offers multiple modes: high, low, downcast and flashing. The downcast LEDs provides illumination for pathway for safe walking, reading space for added convenience, and most appreciated by your counterparts in face to face interaction because you will not blind them anymore. Additionally, the Peli 2765Z0 offers a full time battery level indicator, which will help you monitor your battery time left.

It’s engineered with an extremely durable IPX4 water/weather resistant polymer construction, and pivots to a 45 degree angle to direct clean, brilliant light where it’s needed.

With full attention on the new directive, PELI invested a lot in R&D to guarantee that the high-level performance of its lighting systems remains – illuminating working spaces effectively and maintaining the necessary safety standards for workers. For more information please check