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Liberty launches advanced fracture diagnostic service

Liberty Oilfield Services introduced FracSense, a diagnostic service to help E&P customers acquire more accurate diagnostic well data to optimize hydraulic fracture completions and well spacing

Liberty launches advanced fracture diagnostic service

Launched in partnership with OptaSense, a Luna Innovations company, the diagnostics service utilizes real time fiber optic measurements to monitor per stage fracture placement and frac hits in offset wells.
Since the technology can be conveyed via wireline, it can also be used to profile production in producing wells.

James Pollard, managing director of OptaSense, said:
  • The ability to optimize frac design based on reservoir and production response delivers considerable value
  • OptaSense’s fiber-optic measurements, delivering real-time data and visualization, along with Liberty’s hydraulic fracturing stimulation and completion design expertise, will help operators maximize resource recovery in their reservoirs
Capturing high resolution data significantly shortens the learning curve for actionable change for operators.
FracSense measurements provide per-stage information about fracture azimuth, stage spacing coverage and perforation cluster design and their impact on cluster efficiency.

Fluid and proppant volume to 1st frac hit response improves fracture length and fracture height model calibration as well as evaluating effective well spacing.
The data also allows Liberty to help operators determine diversion techniques or alternate stage spacing, as well as to fine-tune perforation designs for optimal cluster efficiency in real time.

Chris Wright, Liberty CEO, said:
  • FracSense is our latest service offering strengthening our existing portfolio of fracture optimization technologies
  • This adds to our industry leading suite of fracture diagnostics and modeling tools that our renowned technical team utilize to help our customers with completion design optimization and extract maximum value from their resource