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Emerson releases new formation evaluation software

Emerson announced the release of Geolog 19, the latest version of its formation evaluation software suite. Geolog 19 will be unveiled at the 60th Annual Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) Symposium, to be held June 15-19 in The Woodlands, Texas.

Emerson releases new formation evaluation software

The release includes new display formats that enhance collaboration between subsurface specialists. This includes representation of zonal data as crossplot and histogram tracks so that geoscientists can better understand the relationships between rock formation pressures, stresses, and mud weights, for example.

The release also enhances its data connectivity and “openness” features with direct streaming of wellsite information transfer standard markup language (WITSML) data into Geolog’s geosteering application, expanded connectivity to 3rd-party applications, including Petrel 2019, and the integration of Python scripts for enhanced customization with no separate installation.

Additional innovations include:
  • Streamlined processing and interpretation workflows for acoustic waveform data.
  • A new mud gas analysis module provides key information about hydrocarbons in drilled formations and allows safer drilling through early detection of gas kicks and lost circulation.
  • The ability to translate equations from Geolog into the Roxar RMS geoscience and reservoir engineering collaboration platform and SKUA-GOCAD modeling solution, as well as the Python, Petrel and Excel formats.
“Although Geolog has been the recognized leader in the petrophysical analysis/formation evaluation market for many years, we are not resting on our laurels, and are constantly striving to further improve the product to enhance our customers’ bottom line,” said Somesh Singh, chief product officer, exploration and production software business, Emerson Automation Solutions.

“Geolog’s close links with other applications and platforms are part of our overall strategy of collaboration and openness, to help our users work more efficiently and productively.”

Emerson’s exploration and production software portfolio and cloud-based platform integrate and forecast oilfield data with production and reservoir engineering fundamentals.

They are designed to help operators increase efficiencies and achieve Top Quartile performance on investment and operational goals within new and established oil and gas reservoirs. Top Quartile performance is defined as achieving operations and capital performance in the top 25% of peer companies.