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Hunting introduces H-2 Perforating System

Hunting developed the shortest plug-and-play, perforating gun system.

Hunting introduces H-2 Perforating System

Hunting Energy Services, the international energy services company, has developed the shortest plug-and-play, perforating gun system capable of firing up to 4 shots per 7.5-in. cluster.

The H-2 Perforating System features EQUAfrac shaped charges in a single plane configuration, creating the shortest gun length on the market. H-2 simplifies loading and arming by utilizing proprietary charge puck and Shorty ControlFire cartridge technology to eliminate detonating cord.

The system is ideal for high gun per stage operations and scenarios where rig up length is limited. H-2 will be available in a 3 ⅛-in. gun diameter, which is an optimal size for well completions with 4 ½-in. and 5 ½-in. casing.

The Shorty ControlFire cartridge improves upon proven technology by housing the ControlFire switch, detonator and pressure bulkhead in a convenient, wireless package that is now more efficient. This eliminates the need for tandem subs and shortens the overall tool string.

The cartridge also eliminates the need for wiring and contains the industry-leading ControlFire switch. The switch has a success rate of 99.999% over 3 million runs and allows for up to 100 guns per run.

H-2’s shaped charges require no detonating cord and are easily pushed into place on the patent-pending charge puck, making loading as easy as pushing a button. Field trials with major U.S.-based operators will conclude this month and commercial availability will begin in March. A 3-⅜-in. gun diameter version will follow in third-quarter 2019.

Hunting’s Titan Division manufactures and supports a complete plug-and-play tool string for the H-2 Perforating System that eliminates the need for wiring in the field. This includes the Plug Shoot Cartridge Firing Heads and the new T-Set One Setting Tool, which replaces the need for multiple sizes of setting tools.