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Armenia Ambassador to Iran on electricity-natural gas exchange deal

Armenia Ambassador to Iran on electricity-natural gas exchange deal

Yerevan, September 5 - Neftegaz.RU. The electricity-natural gas exchange deal is the largest deal between Iran and Armenia and comprises the axis of the economic relations between Iran and Armenia. This is what Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Armenia to Iran Artashes Tumanyan said during a discussion on the current issues on Eurasian and regional integration, Armenian reported.

“This deal is about how strong the existing infrastructures are and the 2 high-voltage lines between the 2 countries, and the major sub-structure is the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline. Through the exchange of natural gas and electricity, Armenia receives 1 million cu m of natural gas and exports electricity with a ratio of 1-3, and this is mutually beneficial,” Tumanyan stated.

According to the ambassador, the electricity-natural gas exchange deal must be expanded when construction of the 3rd high-voltage line ends. The ambassador also talked about natural gas.

“There are problems with natural gas. During Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s visit to Iran, Iran openly declared that it is ready to export a larger amount of natural gas to Armenia, but there are several problems with export. There is another idea, and based on that, Turkmenistan’s gas can pass through our region, and we can exchange that natural gas with Iran’s natural gas. I must say that the price of Russian gas is a good price for Armenia, and it is lower than the international price. As for Iranian gas, the exchange deal can provide Armenia with the opportunity to import gas without making Russia and Iran envy each other”, he said.