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Is Greece becoming a top destination for Russian fuel tankers?

Russian oil and fuel, upon which many European countries are dependent for energy and heating, have become major points of contention in the EU in the wake of Russian invasion of Ukraine

Is Greece becoming a top destination for Russian fuel tankers?

Source: Pixabay

Athens, May 20 - Neftegaz.RU. According to Greek Reporter, the number of tankers carrying Russian fuel that arrived in Greece in April reached record-breaking highs, indicating that the country’s waters have become a top destination for transporting Russian fuel.

Arrivals of ships carrying fuel from Russia in Greece doubled in April compared to March, and this month’s figures may break April’s record of almost 1 million tons of fuel, Reuters reported.
Once arriving in Greek ports, the tankers carrying Russian fuel then go on to export the product to other countries around the world by way of ship-to-ship transfer.

The bulk of the Russian oil that reached Greece went through the port at the city of Kalamata in the Peloponnese.
According to Reuters, the country is frequently used as a destination for exporting fuel to countries across the world, but the amount of activity was especially high last month compared to average figures.

A tanker called Evridiki, which has a capacity of around 130,000 tons, loaded up on Russian fuel off of Kalamata and then traveled to the UAE.
The ship Okeanos similarly took on a cargo of Russian fuel off of Kalamata and is en route to India with the shipment.

The use of ship-to-ship export is one of many ways that companies are trying to avoid breaching the EU’s strict set of sanctions regarding the purchase of Russian fuel.
The bloc has attempted to ban all imports of Russian energy products, but countries that depend on the imports have blocked these attempts.

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