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The construction of the nearly completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline continues in German waters

The pipeline is already more than 95% complete

The construction of the nearly completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline continues in German waters

Moscow, May 24 - Neftegaz.RU. In the Baltic Sea, the Russian vessel Fortuna is now building further on the controversial German-Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2.

On May 17, the German Federal Office for Shipping & Hydrography authorized the laying of pipes for Nord Stream 2 on the seabed in the waters of Germany.
The vessel will be working in German waters from May 22 to June 30.

Last week the State Department announced the intention not to sanction the pipeline's Russian-owned operator, Nord Stream 2 AG and its CEO Matthias Warnig.
US sanctions have repeatedly tried to stop further construction of the gas pipeline.

But the pipeline has been backed by the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The project is a serious obstacle for a new start in transatlantic relations.
Taking into account the different position of Berlin, Washington refused to take tougher measures.

There is no more controversial energy project in the EU than the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.
Russia hopes to end the project in the next few months and to be able to pump the 1st gas through the pipeline this year.

The pipeline has largely been completed.
Around 13.9 km of one line and 16.8 km of the 2nd line are missing in German waters.
Gazprom is racing to finish the $11.5 billion gas pipeline which analysts expect could happen by September 2021.

Source : Neftegaz.RU

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