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US to ship crude oil to Belarus to try to reduce reliance on Russia

US to ship crude oil to Belarus to try to reduce reliance on Russia

Washington, May 20 - Neftegaz.RU. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the first shipment of US crude oil will depart for Belarus this week.

Belarus, which had a dispute with Russia over oil prices earlier this year, also bought oil from Saudi Arabia last month. Belarus reportedly plans to reduce its Russian oil imports to 1.13 million tonnes in May, Reuters reported.

Pompeo said in a statement on May 15 this “competitive deal” by US energy trader United Energy Trading, with the assistance of US firm Getka and their Polish partner UNIMOT, strengthens Belarusian sovereignty and independence. He said the US is ready to deliver trade opportunities for American companies interested in entering the Belarusian market.

According to Pompeo, the US fulfills its commitment made to Belarus in February with government leaders in Minsk.

Pompeo reminded that the US is now the biggest oil and gas producer in the world. He said the US stands ready to meet the import requirements of countries that, like Belarus, want to boost energy security based on supply diversification.

He urged Belarus to increase the access of American businesses to its market and undertake the market-oriented, trade-liberalising reforms necessary to advance its accession process to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

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