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German Bundestag passed a law making Nord Stream 2 compliant with EU energy law

German Bundestag passed a law making Nord Stream 2 compliant with EU energy law

Berlin, November 14 - Neftegaz.RU. On November 13 the Bundestag adopted amendments to the EU gas directive, removing a hurdle to completion of the Gazprom-led project, a parliamentary website conducted a live broadcast of the vote. At night on November 8 the German Bundestag could not pass this law.

Germany sees Nord Stream 2 as a primarily commercial project that is essential to energy security. The Bundestag adopted the legislation through a simple majority vote.

"I pronounce the legislation adopted with the majority of the CDU/CSU, SDP and FDP voting in favor; The Greens and the AfD voting against; and the Left abstaining," Bundestag Vice Speaker Thomas Oppermann said at the parliamentary session.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended the pipeline and argued that the construction would not increase Germany's dependence on Russian gas.

Germany's Economic Minister Peter Altmaier stressed that Germany would need more gas for its energy supply during the interim period between the transition from coal and nuclear energy to renewable energy. Germany must have "sufficient energy at all times at affordable prices", he said. "This means that we also have an interest in the Nord Stream 2 project being realized together with our European partners."

The rules applicable in the EU will apply to gas pipelines owned by non-EU countries, if they pass through the territory of EU member states, and will prohibit one company from simultaneously engaged in both gas production and transportation. Other rules relate to setting competitive tariffs and access to a 3rd-party gas pipeline. The changes proposed by the Bundestag relate to the section of the gas pipeline, which is located in the territorial waters of Germany.

The European Commission initially insisted on its own regulative authority over the pipe. Now the decisions to grant an exemption under the new energy package will be taken by the Bundesnetzagentur at the request of the operating company by May 24, 2020.

Denmark recently granted the last necessary permit to start construction activities in its EEZ and analysts now agree that the project’s completion is only a matter of time.

The Ukrainian Prime Monister Alexey Goncharuk tweeted that "The Government of Ukraine welcomes 1:1 implementation by Bundestag of the EU Gas Directive. We also expect the Germany's independent energy regulator to act strictly pursuant to the Directive. The European Commission supports this position of ours," he wrote.

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