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TATNEFT сontinues modernization of MGPZ

TATNEFT сontinues modernization of MGPZ

Kazan, October 6 - Neftegaz.RU. TATNEFT annouced that the company continues the modernization project of the Minnibayevo gas processing plant.

Public hearings on the reconstruction of a cryogenic installation for deep processing of dry stripped gas (DSG) with the yield of new products were just another stage of the project implementation, which took place on September 30 at the premises of the Almetyevsk Municipal District Executive Committee.

The implementation of the proposed technical solutions will allow optimizing technological processes, increasing the productivity of the cryogenic installation for deep processing of dry stripped gas to obtain new products, the depth of ethane fraction recovery, as well as increasing the calorific value of CO2 and contributing to environmental protection by reducing the amount of hydrocarbons in the nitrogen-containing gas.

Thanks to modern technologies, MGPZ will reduce the amount of hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere by approximately 42%.

The plans provide that the reconstructed cryogenic installation will be is located within the industrial site of the operating Minnibayevo gas processing plant and processes dry stripped gas produced by the MGPZ. The planned renovation will expand the existing installation by constructing a new unit and connecting it to the utility networks.

The commissioning of the new installation is scheduled for December 2023.

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