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Russian company talks supplies of equipment to Uzbek plant

Russian company talks supplies of equipment to Uzbek plant

Tashkent, August 19 - Neftegaz.RU. Uzbekistan will receive high-quality equipment with a high degree of reliability at a competitive price, a representative of the Russian  Volgogradneftemash told Trend in an interview.

Recently, Trend reported that Volgogradneftemash will supply equipment for an air separation unit to one of the processing plants in Uzbekistan.

"We will deliver three oxygen receivers with a diameter of 3 m, a length of 22 m and a total weight of almost 400 tons that will operate under high pressure to the Uzbek plant," the representative said.

He added that the wall thickness of the enclosures of the apparatus is 70 mm. The equipment is made of domestic steel in accordance with the requirements of Russian standards and technical regulations of the Customs Union.

"In accordance with the contract, we can’t say which of the factories of Uzbekistan will receive our company’s products," the representative stated.

Volgogradneftemash is the largest Russian manufacturer of technological equipment for the gas, oil and petrochemical industries.

The main types of products are reactors, coke oven chambers, columns, separators, tanks, shell-and-tube heat exchangers, oil pumps, devices for starting and receiving chambers for cleaning and diagnostic tools and pipeline fittings.

Almost all gas producing, gas transporting and oil and gas processing enterprises of Russia and the CIS countries are equipped with the equipment manufactured by Volgogradneftemash.

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