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Sweden Goes On To Block Nord Stream

Sweden insists on more ecological tests before the project is emplemented on its territory

Sweden, which takes over the EU presidency in July of this year aims to highlight the ecology of the Baltic Sea and energy security.

These issues were discussed by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Victor Zubkov and his Swedish counterparts. Zubkov said the Swedish side seemed inclined to accomplish the Nord Stream project.

Sweden is the last country to say approve the Nord Stream project that will carry 55 billion cubic meters of gas to European consumers

Alternative routes are essential for Russia to bypass Ukraine, as well as for European countries that want to ensure there are no disruptions to their supplies of fuel.

The Nord Stream consortium has spent over 120 million dollars on environmental impact studies. Elena Gorokhova, Associate Professor at Stockholm University says the Swedes are looking for more detail.

Although the planned pipeline route lies outside Sweden's territorial waters, it is within the country's exclusive economic zone for which the country bears responsibility for environmental damage.

With the pipeline operator preparing environmental studies, it will take at least 3 month for Sweden to ensure all environmental threats has been addressed.

This may lead to further delays in the project’s construction which is already expected to be delayed until 2010.

Source: Russia Today