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Total amount of Euro 6 green gasoline production exceeds 1 Million tonnes at Ryazan oil refinery

Total amount of Euro 6 green gasoline production exceeds 1 Million tonnes at Ryazan oil refinery

Ryazan, November 6 - Neftegaz.RU. Ryazan Oil Refining Company, the largest refining asset of Rosneft, has produced over 1 million tonnes of the Euro 6 gasoline with enhanced environmental and performance properties. The products of the refinery are delivered in Moscow, Ryazan, Tula, Kaluga and Krasnodar Regions.

Being an environmentally responsible entity, Rosneft carries on improving the production of innovative petroleum-based products. The production and sales of RON-95-K5 Euro 6 gasoline is the company’s contribution to environment protection.

The Euro 6 motor fuel is a gold standard in terms of its enhanced environmental and performance properties in comparison with common fuels. The Euro 6 fuel contains less sulphur, benzene, and aromatic hydrocarbons that helps mitigate corrosion activity and reduces the toxicity of exhaust fumes by 30%. The use of the Euro 6 gasoline makes it possible to reduce the number of deposits in vehicle’s induction valves by 12.5% and in the engine compression chamber by 12.7%.

The full-scale production of the new fuel was provided for by the successful implementation of the upgrading programme of Ryazan Oil Refining company. In 2019, the plant’s catalytic reforming unit was upgraded and the volume of the commodity storage of the enterprise was increased.

In particular, new tanks equipped with modern remote control systems and systems of maintaining the quality characteristics of petroleum-based products were commissioned. To enhance the gasoline characteristics a new production technology was developed and the more stringent requirements for six key indicators were set.

Due to changes in fuel production technology, including the blend composition, the company was able to develop a unique production algorithm, which allowed not only to enhance environmental properties of the gasoline significantly but also to do so without compromising production costs.

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