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Ryazan oil refining company celebrates 60 years of operation

Ryazan oil refining company celebrates 60 years of operation

Ryazan, November 5 - Neftegaz.RU. Ryazan Oil Refining Company, an enterprise of Rosneft, has celebrated 60 years of its operation.
In October 1960, the 1st batch of motor gasoline was produced at the crude distillation unit.
Over 60 years of operation, the refinery has processed more than 773 million tonnes of oil and produced more than 665 million tonnes of various motor fuels.

Today Ryazan Oil Refining Company is one of Russia’s leaders in refining. In terms of refining volumes and product range, the enterprise is ranked among the five largest refineries in Russia.

The company processes up to 18 million tonnes of crude annually, with conversion rate exceeding 72.4%.
A selection of process units (28) enables the refinery to refine crude and produce a wide range of petroleum products.
The plant’s product basket includes motor gasoline, jet fuel, marine fuel, road and construction bitumen, liquefied petroleum gases and other feedstock for petrochemical facilities.

All of the motor fuel produced by the enterprise meets the highest environmental standard.
Ryazan Oil Refining Company was the 1st in Russia to master the production of the green Euro 6 fuel and the high-end RON-100 fuel.

The Euro 6 motor fuel contains less sulphur, thus helping mitigate corrosion activity, and less benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons, which reduces the toxicity of exhaust fumes.
The production of the Euro 6 gasoline was made possible through Rosneft’s large-scale investment programme to modernise existing operations, commissioning new units and introducing advanced technologies.

More than half of the products manufactured are delivered to the Moscow and Moscow Region markets every month.
About a quarter of all cars in Moscow and Moscow Region are daily refuelled with the products of Ryazan Oil Refining Company.
More than half of the flights at Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports in the capital are provided with jet fuel produced in Ryazan.

The expansion of the Ryazan Oil Refining Company involves increasing the conversion rate, the yield of light petroleum products and high-quality green motor fuels, as well as reducing the environmental impact of the operation.

As part of Rosneft 2022 Strategy, Ryazan Oil Refining Company is implementing the Digital Plant project designed to automate the business process management and centralise control.
Currently, the refinery is accredited for 5 international standards.

Rosneft’s operating innovative development programme is aimed at the replacement of imported technologies in high-quality oil products production.
One of the programme’s main objectives is to shift the company’s refineries to the use of in-house catalysts, thus avoiding risks of dependence on foreign products.
At present, 4 of the plant’s units are already operating using Russian catalysts.

Source : Neftegaz.RU

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