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Mammoet Russia extends work at ZapSibNeftekhim

Sibur have extended their contract with Mammoet Russia.

Mammoet Russia extends work at ZapSibNeftekhim

Sibur, the largest Russian gas processing and petrochemicals company, have extended their contract with Mammoet Russia, the company reported on August 22, 2017.

The scope covers the unloading of more than 300 oversized and heavy components, with a combined weight of 20,000 tons from the river port in Tobolsk.

Subsequently Mammoet will transport and install them at the ZapSibNeftekhim Petrochemical Complex construction site in West Siberia.

ZapSibNeftekhim will become the largest modern petrochemical facility in Russia.

The project incorporates a steam cracker with a capacity of 1.5 mtpa of ethylene, around 500 ktpa of propylene and 100 ktpa of butane-butylene fraction (BBF).

Alongside the steam cracker, units are being constructed to produce various grades of polyethylene and polypropylene to a total capacity of 2 mtpa.

The facility is designed for deep conversion of a substantial portion of by-products of oil and gas extraction, including associated gas.

It also aims to provide import substitution for polymers that are in high-demand for the Russian market.

The facility will contribute significantly to the economic development of Tobolsk.

Over the last year, Mammoet has worked effectively with Sibur to ensure their operations were executed safely and met all deadlines.

Mammoet has unloaded more than 200 oversized and heavy components - weighing between 30 and 917 tons - in the river port of Tobolsk.

Subsequently these were transported over 23 kilometers to the construction site where they were lifted and installed.

2 of the components were 106-meter long pyrolysis columns, weighing each 917 tons.

Mammoet realized efficiencies through optimization of equipment, early planning of logistics and finding ways to reduce disruption to site traffic during the large-scale transport operations.

This year, the components are lighter, with the heaviest column weighing 480 tons, but their amount is greater, more than 300.

Source : Neftegaz.RU

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