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Turkey, due to both geographical and geopolitical position, bears the characteristic of being both a bridge and a terminal for access of the production from the Middle East and Central Asia to the world markets


Ceyhan to become the World’s energy center in the near future shall have a strategic importance in transportation of the Middle Eastern, Central Asian, North African and Russian oil and gas to the western countries. Turkey, due to both geographical and geopolitical position, bears the characteristic of being both a bridge and a terminal for access of the production from the Middle East and Central Asia to the world markets. Therefore, it is intended to bring together the world’s leading actors in the oil and energy sector with the MOGE 2009 - Middle East Oil, Natural Gas, Petro Chemicals, Pipelines and Transportation Expo to be realized between the dates June 4th - 7th, 2009 with the collaboration of Forum Fairs and Promotions Co. Inc. and Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Mersin, which is considered to have the most suitable infrastructure for the fair amongst the nearest settlement unit in the region.

Many countries, in principal the Russia, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Egypt, started their respective visit and participation studies under the scope of this project, which is to be realized on an international level. As a result of the negotiations that were held with the concerned institutions and organizations of the neighboring and surrounding states, their preliminary support was obtained, as the same indicated the importance and meaning of holding such a fair in Mersin.

The Expo, intended to be the most significant organization of Turkey in its respective field is supported principally by Turkish Republic Ministry of Energy and Natural Sources, and leading associations and organizations of the sector such as BOTAŞ, TPAO and TPIC, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, TOBB, KOSGEB, Petform, World Energy Council’s Turkish National Committee and Mr. Kürşad Tüzmen, the Minister of State Responsible From Foreign Trade. MOGE 2009 shall create a platform that would bring together the manufacturer - investor and the purchasers with the purpose of consolidating the prestige of the firm, establish new partnerships, offer the state of the art technological products to the potential and available customers, increase exportation, diversify the export products, create new markets for the export products and maintain the market shares

Furthermore, the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade is planning to organize a congress at the international level with the topic of “World Energy Market, Ceyhan” on the position of Ceyhan in the course of transporting the oil and natural gas to the world markets between the dates of June 4th - 6th, 2009 concurrently with the MOGE 2009, which will open its doors to its guests between the dates June 04th - 07th, 2009.

It is also planned to establish contact with the Ministries of Energy and Ministries of Oil of the countries ranked amongst the oil production and consumption, the pioneer organizations / institutions of the sector, umbrella organizations, locomotive firms and doyens of the sector in order to attend as speakers to the conference and to issue necessary invitations.

The Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade shall also conducted studies for ensuring participation of the procurement committees in order to ensure that this project, which could be regarded as the display of Turkey, to achieve its objective completely. We wish to see you amongst us at the MOGE 2009 fair in Mersin between June 4th - 7th, 2009 to be organized in a region gaining importance for both the World and Turkey particularly after completion of the Baku - Ceyhan oil project.

Detailed information on MOGE 2009 is available from address.

Products to be exhibited in the Expo
• UPSTREAM - Hydrocarbon (OIL and GAS) Exploration, Drilling, Production, Processing, Storage Activities, Equipment and Technologies
• MIDSTREAM - (OIL and GAS) Transmission / Distribution Activities, Equipment and Technologies
• DOWNSTREAM - (OIL and GAS) Sales / Marketing activities
• Consultancy and Engineering Services
• Safety Systems and Equipment
• Fuel Oil Services, Equipment and Technologies
• Oil Derivative Products production and sales
• Energy and Power Systems
• Environmental Protection
• Construction and Engineering Equipment and Services
• Concerned Associations and Press

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