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LUKOIL announced that all resources are available to eliminate the oil spill in Kolva

LUKOIL announced that all resources are available to eliminate the oil spill in Kolva

Syktyvkar, October 23 - Neftegaz.RU. Head of the Republic of Komi Vladimir Uyba and representatives of Rosprirodnadzor and LUKOIL met on October 22 to discuss the ongoing damage control after the oil-containing fluids spill in the Kolva River.

According to LUKOIL, on October 17, an oil spill occurred at the Kharyaginskoye field near the Kolva river (NAO) as a result of depressurization of an inactive pipeline. The total volume of the spill did not exceed 1 ton.

Clean-up operations, final works at the containment lines, as well as testing for the lack of the lingering contaminations are underway. Surface oil slick is localized at the containment lines and mostly cleaned up.

"We believe that all traces of oil products will be cleaned up in a week's time. We have enough men and resources to accomplish it," – declared First Vice President of LUKOIL Azat Shamsuarov.

"The situation is under control, contamination source is isolated and there is no more oil inflow. We will continue to collect water and soil samples for as long as it will take to finish damage control operations," said Deputy Head of Rosprirodnadzor Svetlana Zhulina.

"What needs to be done is being done. We flew over, looked at the contamination. We already have the first samples... We see [maximum allowable concentrations] being exceeded, they're not by a 1000 times, but they're there", the Head of Rosprirodnadzor Svetlana Radionova said.

"We must be done before the river freezes over. This is the greatest challenge for today," noted Head of the Republic of KomiVladimir Uyba.

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